Our data

The Key provides practical, no-nonsense support for school leaders and school governors, by answering their questions on all aspects of their roles. The answers are published on our websites, and available for all members to read.

Example graphOur members represent nearly half of the schools in England and Wales, and in the last year they have clicked on our articles over two million times and asked us over 4,200 new questions.

Our primary aim in collecting data on member activity is to improve the quality of our services. We use it to monitor the effectiveness of our answers, and spot trends in the sector.

Our data also provides a powerful insight into the challenges facing schools on a day-to-day basis.

For example, we can analyse:

  • The impact of government policy on members’ activity
  • How the activity of headteachers in ‘outstanding’ schools differs from that of headteachers in ‘good’ schools
  • The areas in which school governors are most likely to ask us for support

We can also look at how school leaders’ and school governors’ priorities change over time, based on what becomes more or less popular on our websites.

When we combine our data with our understanding of the schools sector, and the practice we are seeing on the ground, we generate insights that reveal the often hidden realities of life running a school.

Data integrity and security

We take care to protect the data we collect, and respect the trust that our members place in The Key. We only publish data that is broad enough to protect the anonymity of our members.

For more information, or if you have any questions about our data, please contact us.