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The Key supports over 100,000 school leaders and governors in England and Wales. Key insights is The Key’s blog on school leadership and governance, with sector insights plus comment and analysis from those working in and for schools. Find out more about our services.

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What does Key insights include?

    • You’ll find commentary on the sector from our expert researchers and news they gather from all round the country when they visit schools, work with our partners and answer your questions
    • We delve deeper into our findings from our annual State of Education surveys and explore the reasons for the challenges and priorities in school leadership today
    • Our sector in 100 seconds films tackle the big issues affecting school leaders and governors and help you to keep track of what big policy changes might mean for you, presented by researchers at The Key
    • You’ll also find guest posts and short films from our members and visitors to our office to help you stay at the cutting edge of education practice
    • We share what the data from both our services reveals and help you to compare your own interests to those of your colleagues across the country

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